Our Mission

Our Mission is to gain majority control, remove blight, maintain and restore the uniform façades and historical integrity in keeping with The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Homes National Historical Registry designation paving the way for the creation of a viable Historical District bringing gainful employment, tourism and attracting small businesses to Campbell and Mahoning County, Ohio.

Nothing, including Rome, was built in a day. Our Past, Present and Future links tell the OVERALL story about our project but our NEWS clips give you a short and to the point look at our long and dedicated history to preserve, protect and revive one of the world's most important historical sites.

Located in North Eastern Ohio this site is poised to take advantage of economic growth and opportunity arriving in our area. The Company Homes once held workers that help to build America, it can now house workers that are helping to rebuild it.

Historical Preservation Donations
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The ISHPC Story

Our premier movie gives the short version of our Iron Soup Historical History. From our early beginning to our current day accomplishments and goals this is the complete overview of our organization. Please allow a few minutes for the video to load as the file size is a bit large. Click Here to view other videos, news stories and information about ISHPC.